Olivier Eberhardt
Professional instructor and stated certified in Aikido, 4th Dan Iwama Ryu.
nikkio ancienneweb– Representative in France of the Hitohiro Saito Sensei’s Dento Iwama Ryu Aiki-Shurenkai organization.
– Holder of the State diploma DEJEPS “project, territory and network development”
– Holder of the Instructor in Sport and Activities For All State certificate
– Teaching director of the Sport Jobs educational program at the Regional Institute of Sport and Health

Olivier Eberhardt started to practice Aikido in September, 1991 at la Flèche (Sarthe). He met Daniel Toutain in 1992 at the Aikido Academy of Rennes and became his student. It was a transitional period during which Daniel turned his practice towards Morihiro and Hitohiro Saito senseis’ Iwama Ryu Aikido.
Thanks to a pretty daily training at the Aikido Academy of Rennes, Olivier attends many national and international seminars the Iwama School was organizing throughout Europe. The richness of this practice had Olivier become one of Daniel’s assistant and get more and more involved in the school Iwama Ryu France just created at the time.
olivier saito tai no henkaIn November, 1994 he made his very first journey to Japan where spent three months, as an inner student “ushi-deshi”, under SAITO Morihiro’s direction (9th Dan, Aikido’s world Ambassador) in the Aikido’s creator original Dojo (Iwama-japan). On the 14th January, 1995, when he was still in Japan, he was delivered his first Dan by SAITO Morihiro himself in the Aikido’s creator dojo. His immersion inside the original place of Aikido considerably changed his implication and motivation regarding the practice. Olivier still goes today to Iwama’s dojo to keep on following the teaching of SAITO Hitohira sensei. 

Since 1996, he occupies the Aïkido teacher’s function and he has been the instigator of many projects involving both the teaching and the development of the practice in schools and different publics as well as with the already confirmed aikidokas. He elaborates federal training courses with the French federation for sports and culture.
Olivier leads actualy many seminars and different classes and builds up very close bounds with Japan. Links that are renforced by regular stays in Japan as “ushi deshi” under SAITO Hitohira sensei teaching in Iwama.  He also invites SAITO Hitohira sensei in France to teach International Aikido seminars since 2010. Since 2013, Olivier holds an “Iwama Shin Shin Aikido Teacher’s certificate” delivered by SAITO Hitohira sensei.
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