SAITO Hitohira sensei interview – Rennes November 2016.

Last November 2016 in Rennes, the Association DOKAN of the DENTO IWAMA RYU AIKIDO France group has organized a 4th international Aikido seminar under the direction of Hitohira SAITO sensei, representative of the Iwama Shin Shin Aikishuren Kaï. On this occasion, SAITO Hitohira sensei delivered us the purposes and the spiritual direction of his research in Aikido.

Sensei, what are your feelings upon this fourth edition of the international seminar in Rennes?

I do not base myself on feelings, that I also do not try to analyze. On the other hand, I see how our group grows and how our practitioners who train regularly are progressing. The more complicated is when we have on the tatamis practitioners of our group and newcomers. There are very important level differences between them so that I have to spend a lot of time repeating the same explanations on the basics of our techniques. The basics are very important and it is always good to remember them. But it limits, the possibilities to go further for the practitioners of our group, especially because we have a limited training time during seminars. I have however seen the growing progress made by the practitioners present since the first edition. In the end, the essential is that all can gradually get closer to the techniques and the spirituality of the founder. (more…)

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