Aikido is a Japanese martial art which takes its origins in several different traditional martial practices (Budo). Aikido’s founder, Morihei UESHIBA (1883-1969) made a synthesis out of these disciplines by incorporating a non violent philosophy, respectful of the individual. The meaning of the three ideograms (kanji) can be translated as followed:
saito gokyo

 AÏ   -Union, harmony

気 KI   -Energy, breathing.

道 DO  – The path, the studying.

Then, Aikido is the path of the unified energies and consists, in its practice, in trying to reach the harmony between the adversaries-partners by fighting with the other’s strength instead of fighting against it. The use of weapons (saber, wood stick, and dagger) and bare-handed techniques (locks and projections) are the two components of the method. There are no competitions in Aikido for the practice is, above all, a focus on the inner self and seeks to develop our own skills: Grace, agility, speed, strength, stamina… but the vigilance, self-control, respect of the others as well…

Therefore, Aikido is a practice for men, women, and children which gives us the opportunity to bloom and open ourselves to another culture: The Japanese one.